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Secret Services

These Services Are Truly Unique. Get these services included into your monthly plan for a reduced price or utilize them a la carte. They are serious game-changers for anybody looking for that little extra juice, but it takes a little extra to make them happen, so we've disguised them as our "Secret Services". From Payments to Social Media Management, all the way to our Newly Created Artificial Intelligence! Like we said... Keep this on the down low. This is some exclusive stuff.

Streamline Client Invoicing & Collect Payments Via Text


Make sending and receiving payments a breeze with Local Legends Payment service. Customize anything you'd like on every invoice and then send it within a text message conversation if you'd like. Sending and receiving payments just got a whole lot better.

Easily see who has completed payment and who needs follow up. Quickly export to your accounting software with integration-friendly data formats

PRICE - $97/Month

Social Media Management

At Local Legends, we recognize the immense importance of social media for growing your business. That's why we offer this secret service – Social Media Management. Our experts will handle your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, ensuring a consistent and engaging online presence. With five weekly posts on Facebook and Instagram, and five weekly tweets, we'll create captivating content that drives traffic back to your website. Additionally, we'll manage your Facebook ads for maximum impact, with pricing tailored to your needs. Let us take charge of your social media while you focus on what you do best – running your business.

PRICE - $397/Month

Copywriting &
Content Creation

We understand that engaging and well-crafted content is vital for your business growth. That's why we offer the secret service of Copywriting and Content Creation. Our skilled writers will craft three SEO-optimized blog posts per week tailored to your business, ensuring you rank higher in search results. We handle all the keyword research and create 1,000-1,500-word articles that resonate with your target audience, all while acting as your company's ghostwriter. Let us deliver exceptional content while you focus on your core business tasks.

PRICE - $797/Month

Viral Marketing

Boost your brand with this extremely powerful secret service that can revolutionize your business's growth. Without revealing our secret sauce, we harness the potential of referral marketing to create buzzworthy campaigns that encourage social sharing and word-of-mouth promotion. By tapping into the psychology of social engagement, our expert team designs custom campaigns that not only captivate your audience but also incentivize them to share and bring in more leads. Experience exponential growth, heightened brand awareness, and increased sales with our innovative Viral Marketing Campaigns.

PRICE - $497/ Campaign

Welcome to the New Age of Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence In Your Business

On-Demand Business Essentials Generated Instantly with Prompts Engineered Specifically For Your Business

Our Software Leverages A.I. to Generate:

Sales Scripts

Facebook Ads Copy

Promotional Emails

Promotional Texts

Email Newsletters

Service Descriptions

Marketing Ideas

Social Media Posts

Content Calendars

SEO Keywords

And So Much More!

PRICE - $197/Month

Start growing with Local Legends today!

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